Lab grown diamonds are Real Diamonds. After years of damaging traditionalism in regards to owning genuine, mine-acquired diamonds, the world is finally beginning to accept these diamonds as viable, equally beautiful substitutes. Lab grown diamonds, also known as man-made diamonds, flourish under highly-controlled environmental conditions that closely simulates the Earth’s natural growing environment. These jewels are identical to their mined counterparts in their chemical composition, physical, and optical properties and cost up to 50% less. They exhibit the same fire and sparkle as organic diamonds. While mined diamonds may take billions of years to form, lab grown diamonds can develop in a matter of weeks.

Lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from Earth mined diamonds in their chemical composition, structure, physical and optical properties. There is essentially no difference between the two beyond the environment in which they grow. The process that creates both varieties is similar as well; like a diamond that forms in the Earth, lab diamonds are just carbon atoms exposed to immense heat and pressure.

To the naked eye, lab diamonds are indistinguishable from their mined counterparts. An expert diamond merchant will not even be able to ascertain the differences between an earth mined diamond and a diamond born in a laboratory. These marvelous jewels are so identical in form to their mined counterparts that a lab diamond can even pass diamond detectors.

There are several distinct advantages with lab grown diamonds. First, these diamonds cost significantly less to produce and purchase than mined diamonds, despite their identical composition, structure and beauty. Second, and far more importantly, they are a socially-conscious alternative to mined diamonds, being both far less ecologically damaging than mined acquired diamonds and 100% conflict-free. Mining diamonds is energy intensive and ecologically invasive, and often involves infringing on the territorial rights of indigenous groups in other parts of the world. Finally, lab-grown diamonds solve the all too imminent issues of diamond sustainability. The demand for mined diamonds will outpace our ability to supply them. Thankfully, the eco-friendly technology behind lab diamonds stands ready and able to bridge the gap.

The United Nations, in collaboration with the European Union, the World Diamond Council, and more than 70 individual governments, established The Kimberly Process nearly 15 years ago. The intention of the Kimberly Process is to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream market. What exactly are conflict diamonds, you may ask? Also known as blood diamonds, these gems undergo illegal trade out of war-torn areas to assist in funding regional conflicts. The issue is common in central or western Africa, and a lot of innocent people have suffered as a result of this evil, illicit trade. Local mine owners and militias force thousands of innocent men, women, and children into slavery in order to procure conflict diamonds.
The U.N. requires members of the Kimberly Process agreement to certify shipments of rough diamonds as “conflict-free,” and prevent conflict diamonds from entering into legitimate trade. Unfortunately, The Kimberly Process has numerous drawbacks, and has failed to wholly remedy the situation. It exclusively addresses the mining and distribution of conflict diamonds, while avoiding to address important issues regarding the exploitation of workers. Poor working conditions are rampant in afflicted regions, crippling many workers with poor health care, abysmal safety standards, and unfair wages. The use of child labor is particularly disheartening. Furthermore, there is no efficient tracking system in place to monitor diamonds leaving the mines, making the proper enforcement of fair practices a challenging endeavor.

While jewelers do their very best to know their product, the fact of the matter is that the supply chain is long and complicated, and mistakes happen. We want guaranteed assurance that our products have no ethical compromises attached to them, and we are confident that lab-grown diamonds can provide this peace of mind.

Our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We are not interested in lining our pockets with profits at the expense of our customer’s experience. We do everything in our power to make not only our customers happy, but our suppliers as well. We undertake enormous efforts to pick reliable sources and suppliers for our lab grown diamonds. Furthermore, we adhere to the utmost stringent, and tightly controlled, quality testing to ensure that we provide our customers with luxurious, conflict-free jewelry at low price points.

Here at The Lab Mine we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. We take great thought in the undeniable link between our customers’ satisfaction, and our ability to keep providing socially and ecologically responsible jewelry services. Most importantly, we want every customer to be a valuable part of our mission – providing world class diamond jewelry with very minimal socioeconomic impacts.