Quality is our top priority and we are there every step in the way


We go to great lengths to flawlessly procure and manufacture the finest lab grown diamonds for our jewelry.

We are striving to achieve sustainability throughout our supply chain and sourcing is key. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to make sure they adhere to strict compliance with emitting the least amounts of energy to produce lab grown diamonds.

Our goal is to limit not only human suffering but also to limit any carbon footprints and protecting our ecosystems.

We go above and beyond.


Our designs are inspired by the world around us. Our team of accomplished professionals has a rich history with years of experience in the jewelry industry. Our award-winning design team are purposeful and mindful in all they create and, as a company, have built The Lab Mine’s strong reputation for designing luxurious, high-quality jewelry. Through years in the business, and the creation of thousands upon thousands of jewelry pieces, our process has been refined down to both a perfected science and a masterful art.

At The Lab Mine, we all share a common passion for providing consumers with the best jewelry designs possible. In order to accomplish this mammoth task, we have to focus on the process from where jewelry is made. Our skilled artisans has unlimited potential and can accomplish the most challenging, enduring designs. We understand that collaboration is where great designs happens. Our designers work closely with our craftsman, and in a collaborative way that builds off their ideas and then manifests them into an inspiring piece of jewelry.

This led us towards the path of first providing the most authentic, unique designs that is completed with a great degree of precision into a high quality finished piece of jewelry. The end result: Customer Satisfaction.


At The Lab Mine, we pride ourselves on sourcing raw materials of superior quality, and craftsmanship yielding an iconic design. Our manufacturing team is led by world-class artisans that carefully construct each piece of jewelry with unrivaled attention to detail.

Throughout every stage that our expert jewelers take to breathe life into our products – fabricating, casting, setting, and polishing – each piece is subject to industry leading quality control measures.

Our craftsmen are well-equipped to take on any and all challenges. They have dedicated themselves to pioneering the boldest, most intricate designs without sacrificing a jewels immaculate quality and beauty.

From initial concept to finished creation, every aspect of our jewelry exhibits the utmost artistry, lavishness and precision. Each piece is as elegant and unique as the individual who wears it.