Quality is our top priority and we are there every step in the way


At The Lab Mine, we go to great lengths to skillfully procure the finest lab grown diamond jewelry for our curated marketplace.

We strive to achieve sustainability and sourcing jewelry from the most reputable lab diamond jewelry brands is key. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they adhere to strict compliance when crafting their designs. They do this by acquiring lab diamonds that emit the most minimal amounts of energy when created.

Our goal is to limit human suffering and minimize our carbon footprint, thus protecting the Earth’s valuable ecosystems.

We go above and beyond.


Inspired by the world around us, we select the best designs for our curated marketplace. Our team of accomplished professionals have years of experience in the jewelry industry. Our brands are reputable and mindful in all they create. The Lab Mine has a solid reputation for procuring high-quality luxury and fashion jewelry. With years in the fine jewelry business, and with the creation of thousands upon thousands of jewelry pieces, the process has been refined to a perfected science and a masterful art.

At The Lab Mine, we share a common passion for providing consumers with the best lab grown diamond jewelry designs possible. To successfully accomplish this mammoth task, we focus on the entire jewelry making process. Our skilled designers have unlimited potential and can accomplish the most challenging, enduring designs. We understand that collaboration is where amazing designs happen and work closely with our brands to bring inspiring pieces of jewelry to our customers.

These partnerships propel us forward on the path of offering the most authentic, unique designs available. There is a substantial degree of precision that goes into crafting high-quality finished pieces of jewelry. The end result: Customer Satisfaction.


At The Lab Mine, we pride ourselves on sourcing superior quality lab grown diamond jewelry made with exceptional craftsmanship. Our brands employ world-class artisans who carefully construct each piece of jewelry with unrivaled attention to detail.

During fabrication, casting, setting, and polishing – each piece is subject to top industry quality control standards. Our designers have dedicated themselves to pioneering the boldest, most intricate styles without sacrificing the immaculate quality and beauty of the lab diamonds.

From initial concept to finished creation, every aspect of our jewelry exhibits the utmost artistry, lavishness and precision. Each piece is as elegant and unique as the individual who wears it.