Authenticity Guarantee

All lab diamonds sold by The Lab Mine are 100% authentic real diamonds. We understand that purchasing lab diamond jewelry online can sometimes be intimidating. It can be hard to assess whether or not you are getting a true lab diamond when buying lab grown gemstones. This is why The Lab Mine’s pledge is simple: every lab diamond we sell is genuine. You might be wondering what that means, and why it matters. Our lab diamonds are:

The Lab Mine - Authenticity

High quality

The worth of our gemstones is reflected in their pure brilliance.


Their visual properties are identical to those of mined diamonds.


We aim to be your most credible source for exquisite luxury.


Every lab diamond we sell is thoroughly inspected by our experts to make sure they are genuine.


Our clients have come to trust in the authenticity of our products and our reliable services.

The Lab Mine - Authenticity

The Lab Mine stands behind its authenticity guarantee. We endeavor to provide our customers with the best lab diamonds in the market.

You can order the jewelry pieces you have always wanted with the utmost confidence. Give us a try today!