Welcome to The Lab Mine

The Lab Mine was founded by Bhavik Kamdar with a clear goal in mind: to bring high quality, sustainable and conflict-free lab grown diamond jewelry to everyone. With decades of experience, dedication and appreciation for the craft, he believes in empowering customers by providing fine luxury jewelry at affordable prices. To achieve this vision, he sought to create an authentic brand that could shape the industry for years to come.

Embracing Tradition,
Reinventing Grandeur

The Lab Mine is driven by a mission to cherish tradition while striving to do better. Our sustainably grown and socially conscious diamonds serve as a testament to the beauty and potential of human capacity and innovation.

Our diamonds give us a glimmer of hope of what we stand to achieve – a future where precious natural resources no longer need to be extracted. Ultimately, this optimism and uninhibited belief in human potential are what pushes our brand forward.

We aspire to make the change we all need. More than creating gorgeous jewelry, we seek to inspire everyone that sustainability with diamonds is achievable. This attitude enables us to break boundaries, strive forward, and blaze the trail in the industry. By cultivating our diamonds, we embark on the perpetual drive towards perfection and fine jewelry.

Embracing Tradition, Reinventing Grandeur
Redefining Luxury

Redefining Luxury

The Lab Mine aims to redefine luxury for the modern age. Progressive and sustainable – our cultivated diamonds reinvent and reexamine how we understand the finer things in life. We have set aside the baggage of the past. In its place, we have created new symbols of affluence that will endure long into the future.

Our sustainable approach to elegant jewelry is what will ultimately allow it to stand the test of time. Voguish and au courant, yet classic and timeless – we seek this unity of opposites. More than symbols of splendor, every piece is designed to inspire its wearers.

Our cultivated diamonds help you realize the beauty that was always there. These sustainably grown diamonds endow their wearers with renewed fortitude – letting you tap into the raw, unbridled potential you have always had.

The Lab Mine offers attainable luxury, confidence, and prestige. This is the pinnacle of grandeur at your fingertips.

Revolutionary Craftsmanship

Meticulously made and precisely crafted – this best describes the jewelry that we manufacture. Each jewel was made to be bold, unique, and exceptional, with remarkable attention to detail.

Crafting jewelry is an achievement that can only be made by true masters of their art. Our jewelry is designed and conceptualized by artisans at the zenith of their creativity. Master craftsmen then bring the vision and concept to life. The result speaks for itself.

Elegant and exquisite, The Lab Mine offers you a triumph in collaboration, design, and beauty. Our jewelry line is the product of these masterful creators, whose goal is to make stunning jewelry that you can wear with pride.

We strive for excellence because we understand our clients’ needs. Only through dedication and outstanding work can we produce the level of luxury you deserve.

Revolutionary Craftsmanship
The Lab Mine

Empowering Through Style

The Lab Mine is determined to empower people through exceptional designs. All our design choices were made to allow you to express your most authentic self. A myriad of choices has been made available to appeal to all types of styles – subtle and sensual, bold and daring, unassuming yet striking.

It is a celebration of who you are and who you can become – uplifting you to reach your best self. Designed with purpose and vision, every piece of our collection seeks to realize this goal. This is the essence of art – to help you communicate when words simply fall short.

Endurance and Longevity

Driven by innovation and uniqueness, The Lab Mine is on a mission toward self-realization.

Every jewelry piece serves a specific purpose, each one unique. Our sustainable diamonds tell a story – your story. It communicates who you are and signifies your style, your love, and your being.

Our diamonds are here to help you traverse the winding road of life. Our pieces empower you to confront the myriad of possibilities that lay in wait. We endeavor to make the mundane memorable.

Endurance and Longevity
Partnership with Water.org

Partnership with Water.org

The core purpose of The Lab Mine is to help make a positive impact on our society. This principle drives everything that we do. Thus, we have joined hands with Water.org, an organization that strives to deliver clean water to communities in need.

Each purchase that you make will provide a person one year of access to safe water. So, every time you adorn yourself with our jewelry, you can rest assured that you have put the brightest smile on someone’s face.