About Us

Welcome to The Lab Mine, a trusted marketplace where you will find lab diamond jewelry that is authentic and sustainable.

Our partnership with some of the finest brands in the industry offers the chance to view an incredible selection of lab diamond jewelry all in one place. Our story begins with an intense passion and desire to bring high-quality, sustainable lab grown diamond jewelry to everyone.

It is our mission to tell the world that there is another way to enjoy everything that is beautiful, enduring, and sentimental behind diamond jewelry, without having a negative impact on the environment. Lab grown diamonds provide the freedom to wear captivating fine jewelry in a way that is both environmentally sound and affordable.


All the exceptional lab diamond jewelry brands at The Lab Mine share our vision and philosophy on sustainability. Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 1700 tons of soil must be extracted to mine for one carat of rough diamond?

Lab Diamonds are real diamonds and choosing jewelry featuring lab grown diamonds, offers a product with the all same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds – but without disturbing the earth’s delicate landscape. Selling only lab grown diamonds is also our way of helping to ensure that conflict diamonds will become a thing of the past.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that all the lab diamonds offered on The Lab Mine are authentic and not simulants. This means that our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from Earth mined diamonds in their physical, chemical composition, and optical properties. There is essentially no difference between the two, beyond the environment in which they grow. The process that creates both varieties is similar as well; lab grown diamonds are created under the same conditions as those that form beneath the Earth’s surface using real carbon atoms to create a diamond’s trademark crystalline structure, but the process happens in a controlled environment using highly advanced technology.

With decades of experience in the jewelry industry we have carefully selected our brands. At The Lab Mine, you can shop with trust and confidence knowing all the brands you find here offer jewelry with only authentic lab diamonds. Most importantly, our customers appreciate the priority we place on offering jewelry that has a low-environmental impact.

We strive every day to make a positive difference. Will you join us?