One of the most alluring designs in modern jewelry is none-other than the heart-shaped design. Only a handful of people know of its origins and historical relevance. A triple heart necklace symbolizes love, friendship, and deep affection for someone. Throughout history, the heart has had both religious and romantic meanings. Most people buy them to portray their love for their better half. Lovers often call heart-shaped jewelry “sweetheart jewelry.”

Heart-shaped lockets have been around for hundreds of years, but their demand has been exponentially increasing since the 19th century. This trend began during the First and Second World Wars, when many young soldiers used to bring sweetheart jewelry when coming back home from war to their loved ones. It was worn like a sign of pride and patriotism.

Relevance of open heart necklace

This type of pendant jewelry design holds deep meaning for many people. It signifies opening their hearts to the receiver of the pendant. This means allowing someone else to understand their intimate feelings and stay connected forever.

Relevance of broken heart necklace

They are also known as twin necklaces because the heart is broken into two pieces. This design is common among young lovers and friends, and it can be found not only necklaces, but also bracelets and rings. It symbolizes that the heart can only be whole when two souls are united. This design can show someone how important they are by implying that the giver feels complete with them.

Relevance of winged heart jewelry

The winged heart is a famous design in jewelry, art, and tattoos. In Islamic culture, a heart with wings means ascension and is the symbol of the Sufi order. When it comes to tattoos, they signify independence and free-spirited nature. In jewelry, however, it can mean loss or grief. It symbolizes that a loved one has been taken to heaven by angels.

Relevance of triple heart jewelry

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A triple heart necklace is very trendy among all generations. Gifting a piece with several hearts is the ultimate symbol of love and affection. It is costlier compared to other designs, as it is bigger and easier to see from a distance. If your other half loves jewelry that stands out and makes a statement, then a three heart diamond necklace is the perfect gift for them. It’s worth noting that lab grown diamond jewelry is considerably less expensive than its alternative. Lab grown diamonds look just as beautiful and you can save up to 50%!

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