The so-called “natural” diamonds are identical to lab diamonds, both physically and chemically. Their shape and size may vary, but they are all equally beautiful. The only difference between them is their price — mined diamonds have a hefty price tag, while lab grown ones tend to be relatively inexpensive in comparison. You can save around 30-50% with the latter, which is great if you are looking for a big diamond but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Since natural diamonds nowadays are very expensive, millennials have been leaning more and more towards lab diamonds. Even though their price is lower, they look and feel just as luxurious as regular diamonds. These man-made gemstones have started trending in the jewelry world. Such is the case that some experts are claiming that, as their popularity grows, lab grown and natural diamonds will eventually have an equal market cap.

It is undeniable that, when it comes to special occasions, a pretty dress is best paired with some exquisite jewelry. It’s a perfect, timeless match, especially if we’re talking about pieces that don’t stand out too much, like pendants! A lab created diamond pendant is one of the best accessories to pair with your party outfits. They are beautiful and elegant.


Once you buy a pendant, you’ll realize just how versatile they truly are. You could even say they are the yin to your yang.

Since they are suitable for any situation, they will quickly become one of your best friends. Your pendant will always be there with you, on professional meetings with clients where you have to wear a dress suit to casual hangouts with friends. This one piece of jewelry can enhance your already stunning beauty on a romantic date with your special someone. A luxurious lab pendant is guaranteed to take you to new heights, and fill you up with the determination to take on anything and everything!

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