Rose, the flower of love. For many years now, this beautiful flower and its deep color have been associated with romance. When it comes to its influence on jewelry pieces, it’s worth noting that rose gold comes in 3 different colors: a traditional yellow, an elegant white, and a romantic soft red.

It first made its appearance in 17th century Russia, which is the reason why it was called “Russian gold” in the Victorian era. With a few ups and downs in popularity throughout history, it has made a resurgence in modern times. Rose gold has been trending so much nowadays because of its pink tint, a color that is strongly associated with love. It makes jewelry look lovely when paired with a shiny diamond.

This shade is perfect for those who want something different from yellow, but don’t want a white color because of its resemblance to silver. Jewelry pieces made with rose gold are usually very versatile since they blend well with other types of gold and complement most outfits and occasions.

Rings made with it are gorgeous, especially those with modern bezel settings. In a rose gold bezel ring, the casing for the gemstone is made up of rose gold, and it protects the diamond for ages to come. It is one of the most secure settings that a ring can have, and is especially suitable for sporty people. If you are someone who likes to do adventure sports like paragliding, hiking, skiing, then this is the best kind for you.

The nature of the ring also symbolizes strength, showing that you are someone reliable who can take on any hardship that fate may throw at you. Gifting a piece like this to your partner would make them feel happy and appreciated. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

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