White gold rings are more of a fashion statement than a commitment to purity. They are made by alloying gold with some nickel, zinc, or palladium, resulting in a white-colored metal that looks much like silver. The addition of nickel makes the ring harder and more durable than silver, and less likely to scratch and tarnish. In particular, a 14k white gold diamond cluster ring is made of a mixture of yellow and white gold.

Difference between white gold and yellow gold rings

Many people think that white gold and yellow gold are the same, but they’re actually different metals. Unlike white gold, yellow gold contains copper and has an orange tint.

Nowadays, the distinction between white gold and yellow gold rings is more a matter of style than substance. They are both types of gold and all gold has the same chemical properties regardless of color. Regardless, when you buy a piece of jewelry, the gold used should be disclosed so you know exactly what you are getting.

History of white gold

White gold became an important luxury item in Europe during the later stages of the Middle Ages. During this period, it was considered one of the most valuable materials for making rings, necklaces, beads, and other jewelry. It was also used to make everyday utensils like spoons and bowls, and even some instruments like lutes and harps.


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