Cluster rings have a series of smaller diamonds set around a bigger central piece, so the main diamond appears larger than it is. Their appearance is anything but subtle. They are extravagant, modern, and stylish, catching the attention of anyone who sees it. Jewelers can get creative with these rings because they have many small diamonds to work with, which can be arranged in unique and beautiful shapes, like that of a flower or a star.

Cluster diamond rings vs. solitaire rings

As you can imagine, a cluster of diamonds offers way more sparkle than most solitaire diamonds! These stylish and attention-grabbing rings are ideal for people with an unconventional fashion sense. The gems that circle the main piece are usually small round diamonds — easy to set and shape — that bolster the overall size and look of the cluster ring.

Evolution of cluster rings

  • From early 18th to mid-19th century

Rose-shaped rings were the trend during this period. Since the manufacturing process was rudimentary, the rings were created with blackened silver and gold. This meant that the pieces were pretty heavy, so they would be considered crude by modern standards. Here at The Lab Mine, we craft a 14k white gold 1-carat diamond ring that is modern and boasts a sophisticated cluster of diamonds arranged in a beautiful and creative style.

  • From mid-19th to early 20th century

Jewelry-making saw some massive changes during the Victorian era’s romantic period. The metalwork became more delicate and prongs got daintier, so the smaller diamonds were set closer than ever before. The cluster rings made during this era are considered the basis for the modern cluster rings.

  • The Edwardian period

Prongs got smaller again during this era, meaning that gemstones were set even closer. This lead to more streamlined and refined rings. Despite these breakthroughs, floral and halo cluster ring remained popular.

  • Before the 1930s

The era of creativity where jewelers experimented with newer and never-before-seen styles. The rings made in this era were called art deco rings. Unique geometric shapes were introduced left and right. The use of white gold gained popularity — something that is still trending these days! This is why we design our 14k white gold diamond cluster ring with modern designs in mind.

The modern ring

Modern rings are lighter and more sophisticated, since the manufacturing techniques are better than ever before. Nowadays, clusters are a mix of classic and art deco clusters, meaning that your ring is not just a ring — it’s a product of history. If you present one of these rings to your loved one, rest assured that the beauty of these rings would make their day. Browse our collection today and see for yourself!

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