Diamonds are the most popular gemstones in the world. The iconic solitaire diamond pendant worn by Angelina Jolie has been used in many movies to denote wealth and glamour. The pendant has been around since the Middle Ages, back when it was used by royalty. It is made of a single, large diamond in the center, with cut diamonds on all sides to give it extra sparkle. If you’d like to look just like your favorite actresses while not going over budget, then you can opt for a lab grown diamond pendant.


While most people are aware that diamonds are used in jewelry, not everyone knows that they are also used in industrial applications like drill bits and saw blades. To the average person, the diamond is a precious, expensive gemstone costs that is very harmful to the environment. Although the diamond industry has expanded to many parts of the world, South Africa remains one of the primary producers of diamonds in the world — and one of the biggest contributors to global warming in the mining industry.

Everybody wants to get the best value for their money on diamond pendants, but they also want to own an expensive-looking piece that makes them feel special. This is why opting for a lab grown solitaire pendant is the best possible choice. You can buy two or three lab-made pieces at the cost of one mined diamond pieced.

Lab-grown jewelry is affordable and varied, with plenty of luxurious designs to choose from. And for those who are passionate about solitaire diamond pendants, look no further than our catalog. Browse our offers today and find something that will make you feel truly special!

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