Diamonds represent eternal love because these precious gems are the hardest in the whole world. They are dazzling, brilliant, and unbreakable, which is why Romans began using them to show their affection. They would propose their intent to marry and promise to spend the rest of their life together with their partner, as they gave them a ring that had a dazzling diamond as the centerpiece. Nowadays, lab diamonds are taking over the bridal market, and getting your ring custom-made is the latest trend.

Why you should create your own ring

Adding a personal touch means that the ring is uniquely yours. You can customize everything to suit your needs — from the type of diamond to the material used for the band — and this one-of-a-kind ring will symbolize your specific love story.

How to customize

Building a ring is a straightforward process in our website. The most important thing to keep in mind is your budget, as it will help us guide you to create your engagement ring. Now let’s break down the steps.

  1. Choose the metal

The metal band of the ring is one of the key components of your ring. At The Lab Mine, we deal with 3 types of gold — white, yellow, and rose gold. Each one adds a different charm to the ring, so choose the one that suits you the best.

  1. Choose the shape

The shape of the diamond is the most important thing you will have to decide for your ring, since it represents a particular personality. The round shape is the most popular — it represents eternal love. Meanwhile, an emerald cut brings the most sparkle out of the diamond and showcases its clarity.


  1. Choose the setting

The setting of the ring is all about how you want the diamond to be set on the ring. After deciding on the shape, you should make sure that the setting fits the diamond. For example, it might be best not to use a prong setting with an emerald shape, as it will not showcase its full beauty. On the other hand, the prong setting goes perfectly with a round design, displaying all its sparkle and brilliance.

  1. Add a personal touch

After all is set and done, it’s time to add something that will make your ring different from any others. The personal touch. This could be the date of your first meeting, your initials, a quote to live by, anything goes.

Whatever your preferences may be, we have got you covered. Feel free to go all out and let us know exactly what you want. Now you are ready to build your own engagement ring!

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