Earrings have come a long way. They originated in Asia around 7000 years ago, represented men of higher status in the Middle East and courtesans in ancient Rome, and were banned by the Catholic Church in 13th century Europe. Nowadays, they are often used to accentuate an outfit and enhance one’s style of fashion.

People used to wear earrings on the ear, but now we can find studs on other parts of the body as well. You can have a stud on your belly button, wear a crop top, show off your toned abs, and attract many eyes!

Studs are timeless classic earrings; they are minimal and elegant, especially diamond studs. For women, it brings sophistication, and elegance. For men, contrary to popular belief, it makes them appear strong and confident. Truly a jewelry piece that looks good on everyone.

At The Lab Mine, we offer the most exquisite earrings, with lab made diamond stud earrings as one of our top-selling items. Our lab grown diamond earrings 1 carat are more affordable than mined diamond earrings, costing up to 50% less. We specialize in white diamonds with superior designs, like princess, cushion, or heart cuts. Match them with rose, white, or yellow gold to get the gorgeous earring that you desire.


We want you to feel confident, get compliments, and have a subtle charm that is felt by everyone. They are the perfect gift for your loved ones — or for yourself!

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