Diamonds are the perfect gift to mark an occasion with beautiful and priceless memories. With the ever-evolving jewelry industry, there is always something new available for everyone. A classic yet striking trend making its way back are pendants. The novelty now is that they are not just limited to elegant designs. Brands have been experimenting and creating pieces that match all kinds of vibes, and present fun options for the consumer!

Below are the four most trendy diamond pendants that are spreading their magic throughout the contemporary fashion world.

Neon Pendants: What better quirk than a neon pendant! Available in bright neon colors and different designs, these pendants are the perfect choice for music festivals, parties, beach nights, and gaming meets. Instagram influencers are addicted to these eccentric neon pendants, and have great reviews for their quality, style, and their affordable price.

Classic Solitaire: A must-have in any jewelry collection. If you are someone who likes an effortless yet classy and impactful look, these pendants are for you. If you are thinking that they might be too expensive, then let us tell you about the lab solitaire pendant ! It is available at budget-friendly rates, and is similar to a mined diamond when it comes to its structure, composition, and look. It can be customized however you wish — the color, shape, size, and even design.

Name Pendants: Now here is a trend that has managed to impress many! From a birthday gift to a proposal necklace or a token of one’s friendship, name pendants look charming and convey a message of adoration. They are available in different forms, from metals with names etched on them to wires shaped in cursive font. Pendants with metal shapes and engraved initials are also a great choice, and have been trending amongst celebrities and fashion influencers.

Emoji Pendants: This is by far the most fun option, a result from the digital transformation we are all going through. While social media is a great way of speaking one’s mind online, these pendants can do the same in the real world. From the devil emoji to the one that is just sick of everyone around, emoji pendants are working their charm all over the world. They are mainly available on metal bases and can be paired with different chains.

While these pendants speak of your style choices, they are also a great way of accessorizing plain outfits. A remarkable fact about them is that they are available in different price ranges. From a lab created diamond pendant to a metal emoji or a name gold pendant, there are options to ensure that every fashion enthusiast can afford some variation of their favorite piece!

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