Diamond pendants are classy, glamorous, and minimalistic. They complement all outfits and can be worn anywhere and anytime. This makes them an exceptional gift.

Are you looking to purchase an affordable yet stunning present for your special someone? Then one of our lab created diamond pendants might be the perfect choice for you.

Why should I choose a lab created diamond pendant?

Because they are just as sparkly and bright as mined diamond pendants. And to top it off, lab diamonds are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and cost 40 to 50% less than mined diamonds.

One of the perks of choosing a lab created diamond pendant is that you can customize it, picking any diamond shape you desire.

Round lab grown diamonds are the most commonly used in pendants, but you can switch it up and go with a princess cut, oval, heart, or a teardrop shaped diamond.

What are the different types of lab created pendants?

 While there are many kinds of shapes, let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants: These jewels are either be lined with diamonds or feature one in the center. These pendants look beautiful when paired with sterling silver or white gold chains. They are a genuine symbol of love. Just perfect as an anniversary gift.
  • Diamond Pendant Drop: An ideal graduation present. They are typically designed with diamonds placed in a vertical line, and shine the brightest when paired with white gold chains.
  • Solitaire Diamond Pendants: This is essentially a necklace that features a single gemstone — usually a diamond. These pendants are generally paired with yellow, white or rose gold chains. This style of pendant is the ideal birthday gift.

A lab created diamond pendant is sure to be even more impressive if you decide to customize it. And while this jewelry piece may look great with some matching earrings, even a single pendant will add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Check one out today! We guarantee your partner will love it — and love you even more!