A diamond engagement ring is the physical embodiment of all the cherished and unforgettable memories in our lives. Think about how pricey that sounds, however. Now, what if you could own such a ring for a fraction of the price that you just imagined? This is what we offer at The Lab Mine. We create lab grown diamond engagement rings; beautiful jewelry tailor-made for you, at incredibly low prices. We put our hearts and souls into making sure that all your days are special.

Different people have different preferences, expectations, and designs on their minds. We believe it is our duty to guide our customers by offering them helpful suggestions, and explaining the relevant facts about the masterpieces that they are going to invest their money in. So today, we are going to tell you about the 4 Cs of lab grown diamond rings:

DIAMOND CUT: The cut of a diamond should not be confused with its shape (princess, round, cushion, etc). It is a design guide followed by a skilled artisan, who maps and hand-cuts the facets of a gem. A cut is the main characteristic in determining the quality of the diamond, since it has an impact on its scintillation, fire, and brilliance. More importantly, the cut affects how effectively light shines into the diamond. It’s all about its symmetry, polish, and proportion.

DIAMOND COLOR: Or to be more precise, the absence of color. The color is rated from ‘D’ to ‘Z’ on an alphabetical scale, with ‘D’ being a colorless diamond and ‘Z’ being a yellow diamond. The yellow color of a diamond can actually dim its sparkle and glow, and it doesn’t reflect as much light.

DIAMOND CLARITY: The clarity measures the natural imperfections that can be seen in a diamond. Diamonds that are graded SI2 or better look clean to the naked eye. Diamonds with a lower grade tend to have visible imperfections. Grading is divided into two categories: inclusions (internal characteristics) and blemishes (external characteristics).

DIAMOND CARAT WEIGHT: This defines the actual weight of the diamond. Size is a major contributor in determining the price of the diamond. It’s very simple: as the size increases, so does the price. Getting a big diamond might seem out of reach, but that is why The Lab Mine is here. We pride ourselves in curating and creating lab grown diamonds for people from all walks of life, delivering top quality, dazzling jewelry at very low prices.

Our mission is to serve you the best offers in accordance to your budget. So go ahead and buy your very own lab grown engagement ring! And get ready to exclaim “oh my God” when it’s finally in your hands!